A-Mazing Post Pounding

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A-Mazing Post Pounding is the sixth level of World 3 in Yoshi's Woolly World. As the name implies, the main gimmick of the level involves Yoshi ground pounding colored posts.


The first segment of the level begins with a pitfall and a single Fang shortly after this the player must ground pound the colored posts in order to enter the door that the posts were blocking.

The second segment has more posts in order to continue. Yoshi must ground pound the yellow or purple post in order to trigger a hidden winged cloud which will reveal a platform leading to an edible wall after jumping on a trampoline-like post. This will lead to the third section of the level.

In the third segment, Yoshi can pass through the first checkpoint. After this, he must reach a ledge that contains the second checkpoint that holds a present box containing a key. After this Yoshi must ground pound a nearby pink post then eat the edible wall to reveal a whirly gate that will transform him into Mole Yoshi.

After the Mole Yoshi segment the player is in the final segment of the level where they must pound a post in order for it to rise so Yoshi can reach the locked door after this the player must pound the final post to reach the goal ring.