A Little Light Snowfall

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A Little Light Snowfall is the fifth level of World 5 found in Yoshi's Woolly World.


The level starts in a area with a snowdrift that will fall when stepped on leading to a lower area past the first snowdrift are more snowdrifts directly above near an edible wall there is a snowdrift that must be hit with a yarn ball to make it fall down enabling Yoshi to reach the upper area of the level followed by another snowdrift which again must be hit with a yarn ball to reach the first checkpoint.

The second area has more snowdrifts situated over bottomless pits, Lakitus, Snow Guys and snowmen platforms that must be crossed to reach the next section.

The final area has the second checkpoint between two Snow Guys and snowdrifts which again must be stepped to continue after this are more snowmen platforms and the last few snowdrifts leading to the goal ring.


Fly Guy


Koopa Paratroopa


Miss Cluck

Shy Guy

Snow Guy