Across the Fluttering Dunes

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Across the Fluttering Dunes is the first level of World 2 in Yoshi's Woolly World, and features moving sand waves.


The level opens with a large wall behind the starting area, and a moving sand wave with an egg block. There is then a small platform made of stone with needles stuck in. There is then some long sand waves with a pipe that Woozy Guys come out of. Cacti are around on the ground and there are a few clouds in the sky. The stage then continues onto another long wave with Piranha Plants and pipes. Then, through a pipe, there is a large cave with a checkpoint. There is sand coming through the ceiling and it is completely enclosed. Inside the cave there are sand waves with hanging rocks. Finally, there is an area with a still sand wave which can be moved through a winged cloud, and a door. Through the door is some more sand waves and the exit of the cave. Outside there is the second checkpoint and lots more pipes and dunes. At the end, there is a long area of sand.