BOSS: King Bowser's Castle

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King Bowser's Castle is the 48th level and last boss level in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


Yoshi starts the level when he grabs the Helicopter Morph Bubble and flies to the other side while dodging Skeleton Goonies and Kamek along the way. Yoshi, back to normal, goes to the Middle Ring, before he goes into a door.

In the room, four doors numbered 1-4, circulate quickly. Yoshi grabs an egg from an Egg Plant and throws it onto one of the doors, each one leading to a different room.

  • Room 2: Yoshi enters the room, where Stilt Shy Guys and Dancing Spear Guys inhabit. He defeats the Tunnel Caged Ghost while avoiding the Dancing Spear Guys. He comes to a door, where two Flowers take place. He goes up a pipe
  • Room 3: The room starts with a message box shouting "RUN AWAY, HURRY!!!" Yoshi goes down a pipe to a lava stage where he faces the invincible Mega Golden Tap-Tap in an auto-scroll background. Collecting Eggs from Egg Plant, he knocks it down with them repeatedly. The auto-scroll stops when Yoshi comes to a pipe.