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A baby Yoshi hatches in Yoshi's Island DS.
Baby Yoshi in Yoshi's Island DS

Baby Yoshi is the last star child in Yoshi's Island DS, but only makes an appearance after World 5-8: "At Last, Bowser's Castle!".


Super Mario World[edit]

In Super Mario World, Baby Yoshies are found when they hatch from an egg. They need to eat five enemies to grow into a fully grown Yoshi. Eating a power-up makes them grow faster. Once they are fully grown, they can have unique abilities.

Yoshi's Story[edit]

In Yoshi's Story, six Baby Yoshis hatched from Yoshi Eggs and had to save happiness by defeating Baby Bowser. A White Yoshi egg and a Black Yoshi egg can be found throughout the game that, when the player finishes the level, will hatch and will allow the player to play as the White or Black Yoshi, depending on the egg obtained. The egg follows the player as will regular eggs will, only it is larger and cannot be thrown. Depending on the Yoshi's color, it will either have a deep voice, a high voice or a medium voice. Pink Yoshis, White Yoshis and Light Blue Yoshis have high voices whilst black Yoshis and Blue Yoshis have deep voices. Yoshi himself has his usual voice.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a Yoshi Kid is a partner that hatches out of an egg that Mario has to catch for a hot dog vendor in Glitzville in Chapter 3. Upon hatching, the player can give it a name. The color of the Yoshi depends on the time spent with the egg. Green Yoshis hatch out of the egg after a shorter amount of time whilst the white Yoshi takes the most time to hatch. After the Yoshi hatches, it will keep calling Mario 'Gonzales' as it was what he was known as in the Glitz Pit. When the player finishes the game, it is revealed that the Yoshi Kid has gone to fight in the Glitz Pit and is known as The Great Gonzales Jr.

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

Notice: This section contains non-canon information.
Toadette (a pink toad with pigtails) holds a blue baby Yoshi.
Toadette holding a blue Baby Yoshi in New Super Mario Bros. U.

In New Super Mario Bros. U, Baby Yoshi's reappear with the names "Bubble Baby Yoshi", "Balloon Baby Yoshi" and "Bulb Baby Yoshi". They both have unique abilities and unlike the fully-grown Yoshis, these Baby Yoshis (except the Golden Baby Yoshis) will go through levels with the player and will continue to, unless the player drops them before getting the flagpole, or they run into a pit after hitting an enemy.

Super Mario World (TV series)[edit]

In Super Mario World (TV series), Baby Yoshi is seen in the episode, Mama Luigi. In the past, Luigi had fallen down a pit, and from a block, out came a Yoshi Egg. Yoshi hatched and immediately thinks Luigi is his mother (as he was the first person he saw).

A baby Yoshi in the cartoon.
Yoshi as a baby in the Super Mario World (TV Series).

When they finally got to Bowser's Castle, Yoshi ran off, Mario and Luigi followed him and eventually got to King Koopa's throne room. Yoshi ate all the Mechakoopas that tried to attack Mario and Luigi, then Yoshi used his tongue to get the key. They then freed Princess Toadstool (known today as Princess Peach).



  • Baby Yoshi is the only baby that is not playable in Yoshi Island DS other than Baby Luigi.