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A Ball 'n' Chain (sometimes spelt as Ball And Chain) is a spiked ball connected to a chain that rotates around a block found in various games. In some games however, Ball 'n' Chains swing like a pendulum. Their means of attack is similar to a Podoboo Cog's however the chain of a Ball 'n' Chain is safe to touch, just the Spiked Ball isn't.


The Ball 'n' Chain is first seen in Super Mario World. They mainly attack by rotating around the block they're attached to. There is no way to destroy a Ball 'n' Chain without a Star.

In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Mace Guys are seen swinging Ball 'n' Chains as their means of attacking. Defeating a Mace Guy will cause it's Ball 'n' Chain to fall offscreen.

Ball 'n' Chains are also seen in Yoshi's Island DS, this time, instead of being manhandled by a Mace Guy, they spin around (like how they do it Super Mario World). Ball 'n' Chains are commonly found in Castles. In this game, Ball 'n' Chains are indestructable.

The Ball 'n' Chain is seen again in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In this game, they're more commonly found in secret rooms and can also spin in their air without being attached to something. Once again, only a Star can destroy a Ball 'n' Chain.

In New Super Mario Bros. U, several Ball 'n' Chains are found in the level The Pendulum Castle. In this game, they're far more powerful than in previous games. They are fully invincible (not even a Star can destroy them) and even their chains have spikes on them making the chain just as lethal as the ball. In these games, the Ball 'n' Chain mainly swings like a pendulum.

In Yoshi's New Island, the Mace Guys return alongside their primary weapon, the Ball 'n' Chain.