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Be afraid of the dark is a dark eerie stage and the first level in the final world, shadowville in Yoshi's Crafted World.



The level takes place in the darkened back alleys of a city at night, shy guys can be seen in well lit areas and zombie guys can be seen in dimly lit areas. Lakitus can sometimes emerge from the background to throw spiny balls at yoshi as well as a single swoop near the beginning. The main threat of the stage are the bummawashi dolls that stalk the area. Yoshi starts out along a small path with two swoops flying forward, upon reaching a spotlight there will be a text box that you can hit. Unlike the boxes in the tutorial however this one brings an ominous message*IF HE SEES YOU...RUN AWAY*, soon after will be a small building with three zombie guys walking around but through the window on top you will encounter your first bummawashi doll. Upon passing by the building the doll will charge forward and break through the wooden boards, slamming its axe down. If you escape there will be another spotlight with three coins in it. Some shy guys will be walking around as well as three lakitus coming from behind the buildings in the back ground, there is a cloud you can hit to gain some extra hearts as well as a hidden cloud in a dip with a shy guy that will spawn coins with three of them being red coins(required to get the red coin flower at the end of the level). Upon going past a spotlight and two zombie guys another doll ambushes yoshi inside a small building, get past the doll and hit the cloud to reveal a ramp leading up to a alcove with flower #1 guarded by a doll. Get ready to run as the doll will charge at yoshi after he gets the flower, escape the doll and eat up the zombie guys and shy guy in the spotlight and ground pound the two boxes in the dip to gain two more red coins(total should be 5) but be careful as the dip is guarded by another doll. Avoid the doll and destroy the other two boxes to get two more red coins(total should be 7) as well as a hidden cloud which will spawn a bunch of coins upon hitting it with an egg. After leaving the dip you will reach the first checkpoint so take your time to rest up before moving on, after leaving the checkpoint eat up the two shy guys and the swoop and unveil a hidden cloud which gives you some hearts, two more lakitus will appear along with a shy guy but avoid them to reach a stack of boxes. Leap up to a suspended platform and unveil the hidden cloud and hit it with an egg to gain five more red coins(total should be 12) break the boxes until you find a cloud that you can hit to gain coins and escape through the doors on the left Head back to the arch and pass by a zombie guy to unveil the core weakness of the bummawashi dolls, light. There is also a cloud you can hit to gain more hearts, get past both of the incoming dolls and hit a hidden cloud in a small dip near a paint splattered wall to gain flower #2, head through the sliding gates and enter the building to notice three clouds floating near some suspicious boards, grab some eggs from the egg box and hit each cloud. Cloud #1 will give you hearts, cloud #2 will give you coins and cloud #3 will lower the pathway needed to get out of the building but will also trigger a swarm of dolls to bust out from behind the wall of boards, escape the swarm and jump onto the upper platform of a small building overlooking a cloud guarded by a doll. There will be another chat box here, this one bringing yet another ominous message* HE COMES FROM BEHIND* after the text is over a doll will burst out of the boards behind yoshi and chase him, avoid the doll and use an egg to hit the gift box in the window to open it and gain another red coin(total should be 13) hit the cloud guarded by the dolls to unveil flower #3, grab it and escape the dolls go past the next spotlight and hit the cloud hidden in the building with some lakitus to get more coins before reaching the second checkpoint and make sure you rest before proceeding. Upon reaching a huge spotlight there will be a flip timer challenge cloud which requires you to find the flower hidden among lakitus carrying fooly flowers,the real one will be on the bottom of the left building, clear the challenge and proceed to the egg box but be careful as another doll will drop down and ambuh yoshi upon hitting the box, enter the building and jump up to encounter a doll guarding a door, lure the doll away then charge through the door to collect three more red coins(total should be 16) then back track to another hallway and lure that hallways doll out to grab some coins and flower #5(the flip time challenge gives you flower #4). Go back to the rooftops and hit the blue fruit timer challenge cloud, all fruit will be in the dip beneath the cloud but they are guarded by a doll who must be avoided in order to get all the fruit and obtain flower #6(if you got hit you can backtrack to a cloud that will give you more hearts). Get ready to run for your life as a massive hoard of dolls chases after yoshi upon dropping down past the *almost at the finish sign*, once you reach the building enter it thought a ramp to obtain the final four red coins(if you followed the guide up till this point you should have all 20) and escape from the doll guarding them, there is a spotlight with a cloud you can hit to obtain flower #7 but this one will go out after getting the flower so run as fast as you can while avoiding the dolls to finally make it to the exit.

Flower locations[edit]

  • Flower #1 in the alcove guarded by a doll.
  • Flower #2 gained by hitting the hidden cloud in the dip
  • Flower #3 unveiled via hidden cloud near the second text box
  • Flower #4 clear the flip timer challenge
  • Flower #5 guarded by the doll in the upper hallway of the building leading to the rooftop fruit timer challenge
  • Flower #6 Clear the fruit timer challenge
  • Flower #7 unveiled via hidden cloud in the faulty spotlight near the end of the level

Red coins[edit]

  • 1-3 in the dip with the shy guy unveiled by a hidden cloud
  • 4-7 hidden in the boxes in a doll infested building
  • 8-12 unveiled by a hidden cloud on a suspended platform
  • 13 inside the levels gift box(located behind the window broken down by a doll near the second text box)
  • 14-16 behind the door guarded by a doll on the lower hallway of the tall building
  • 17-20 in the final building alcove near the end of the level


  • This level is considered the scariest level in the whole yoshi series
  • Albeit unfitting for a kids game the bummawashi dolls give some backstory to some japanese folklore
  • The flip side is often considered very hard due to the huge amount of dolls near the beginning/end of the level