Big Montgomery

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Big Montgomery
YWW Big Montgomery.png
First appearance Yoshi's Woolly World (2015)
Latest appearance Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World (2017)
Species Monty Mole
“Say hello to Big Montgomery, and say good bye to your chances of winning!”
Kamek, Yoshi's Woolly World

Big Montgomery is a large Monty Mole who appears as the first mid-boss in Yoshi's Woolly World and Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. He is a Monty Mole that was enlarged by Kamek being commanded to attack Yoshi, having much more rough paws and belly patterns then regular Monty Moles as well as having a button on his belly. Big Montgomery later reappears as the mid-boss of World 3 and World 5, gaining a helmet in these fights to be immune to any stomps on the head.


Big Montgomery's Fort (Level 1-4)[edit]

Big Montgomery about to face off against Yoshi for the first time

The stage for this battle is a large woven sheet of brown wool that forms the platform Yoshi can walk on, as well as a background wall that Big Montgomery comes out of. Big Montgomery's first attack is to dive into the floor and burrow up into the wall, being visible in the fabric by the large bulge that he creates while digging. Big Montgomery will then burst out of the wall and try to land on Yoshi. If he misses, Big Montgomery will attempt to chase Yoshi across the floor area of the stage. Yoshi must jump on Big Montgomery's head while he is exposed. Doing so will cause Big Montgomery to reveal his weak spot: an X shaped bandage on his bottom. Yoshi must Ground Pound on Big Montgomery's X shaped bandages to deal damage. After getting hit once, Big Montgomery throws a blue spiked ball at Yoshi that rolls along the floor, so Yoshi must jump to dodge it. Once the spiked ball has been thrown, Big Montgomery will do his first attack again. After getting hit again, he instead throws a red spiked ball at Yoshi, except it bounces along the ground instead of rolling. After three ground pounds on his X shaped bandages, Big Montgomery is defeated and the battle ends.

Big Montgomery's Bubble Fort (Level 3-4)[edit]

Big Montgomery's second battle

The second battle against Big Montgomery takes place in a very similar arena to the first. This time, the arena is a large sheet of woven pink wool. Big Montgomery now wears a helmet in this fight, so jumping over his head doesn't have any effect, although Yoshi can still bounce on it to gain some extra height. Big Montgomery's first attack is similar to his one from the previous battle, except that this time, he emerges on top of three Monty Moles with a red spiked ball in his hands that he throws at Yoshi. Yoshi can swallow the Monty Moles that Big Montgomery is on to make yarn balls (though Yoshi can also save up yarn balls that he got from earlier in the level as well). Yoshi must shoot a yarn ball at Big Montgomery to make his Monty Mole tower collapse, revealing his weak spot again. After getting hit once, Big Montgomery will dive into the wool in the background and burrow up the wall. Big Montgomery once again bursts out trying to land on Yoshi, though this time, however, shockwaves that hurt Yoshi will ripple across the wool when Big Montgomery lands on the ground. Yoshi must jump over the shockwaves to avoid them. Big Montgomery then repeats his first attack, except he throws three blue spiked balls instead. After getting hit again, Big Montgomery will again burrow up the wall, but this time he emerges in the center shortly after two Monty Moles burst out from either side of him. Yoshi must dodge the Monty Moles and the shockwaves after Big Montgomery lands. The Monty Moles will get defeated by Big Montgomery's shockwaves if Yoshi does not defeat them. Big Montgomery then repeats his first attack, only with three red spiked balls instead. After hitting Big Montgomery‘’s weak spot once more, Big Montgomery will be defeated and the battle will end.

Big Montgomery's Ice Fort (Level 5-4)[edit]

Big Montgomery's third and final battle

The last battle with Big Montgomery takes place in a very different stage to the previous two. The floor is made of ice blocks, and Yoshi will slip and slide on the ice if he tries to walk or run. The background wall of wool is now at an angle, now resembling a ski slope. Big Montgomery's first attack is to attack Yoshi from beneath the ice blocks. When Big Montgomery pushes up two ice blocks and he is visible, a ground pound on these ice blocks causes him to reveal the weak spot on his bottom once again. After getting hit once, Big Montgomery will burrow up to the top of the wool slope and command several Monty Moles to roll down the hill. As they roll, they gather fiber and enlarge like snowballs. After all the Monty Moles have rolled off the arena, Big Montgomery will again try to attack Yoshi from beneath the ice blocks. After the second hit, Big Montgomery will again make his way to the top of the hill, this time ordering seven Monty Moles to roll down the hill; first a wave of four, and then a wave of three. Big Montgomery will then roll down the hill himself forming a much bigger snowball that is harder to dodge. Instead of reappearing under the ice blocks as previously, Big Montgomery burrows halfway back up the hill, bursts out, and ground pounds the ice blocks himself. This will cause a massive shockwave on either side of him, which will smash Yoshi into the ceiling, causing damage if not avoided. Big Montgomery then chases Yoshi around the stage, and because he has his helmet on, Yoshi can only avoid him and wait. More Monty Moles also roll down the hill at Yoshi. Once Big Montgomery has crossed the screen two or three times, he will again try to attack Yoshi from under the ice blocks. Yoshi now must ground pound Big Montgomery's weak spot a third time defeat him and end the battle.

Boss Tent[edit]

All of Big Montgomery's battles appear in the Boss Tent, where he is fought the same way as his main three battles. However, he moves much faster than normal, making him harder to hit and avoid.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグチョロブー
Biggu Chorobū
Big Monty Mole
French (American) Topulente la tapie "Topulente" is a pun of "Taupe" (mole) and the feminine form of "corpulent". "Tapie" means "hidden, concealed".
French (Europe) Topulente
German Monty der Große Monty the Great
Italian Tantatalpona Big-Monty Mole
Korean 거대쪼르뚜
Big Monty Mole
Spanish Monty el Grande Big Monty