Big Montgomery's Ice Fort

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Big Montgomery's Ice Fort is the fourth level of World 5 in Yoshi's Woolly World it is a fortress with many ice platforms the final fight against Big Montgomery takes place here.


The level begins in an outdoor area with a ice slide at the very beginning after activating a hidden winged cloud at the end using either a Bumpty or a yarn ball a door will appear.

The next area will take place inside the fortress with many moving ice platforms floating above bottomless pits until reaching a vertical segment with larger ice platforms leading to the door.

The final area continues deeper in the fortress with the first checkpoint after this is a short vertical icy segment directly after this are large ice blocks which have openings in them that rise up then come back down some of which can crush Yoshi if he is not careful after this is another vertical segment with slanted ice platforms and Bumpties until reaching the boss door.