Blooper Nanny

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A Blooper Nanny guides its children.

Blooper Nannies (also called a Bloober With Kids) is a type of Blooper that appears in several games. Blooper Nannies usually guide their children (the Baby Bloopers) around the ocean waters and upon sight of Mario or Yoshi will lauch one of their kids at them. They can sometimes glow and then launch all their kids at once.


Blooper Nannies are seen in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In this game, they are only found in World 4-4. They hide among the walls and seaweeds alongside the regular Bloopers but are more bothersome as they have kids which they can launch at you. The use of Fireballs or a Starman can easily defeat a Blooper Nanny. Ice balls can only temporarily freeze it.

Blooper Nannies appear again in New Super Mario Bros. U. In this game, they are only found in Blooper's Secret Lair. They have the same attack methods as they did previously. Once again, the Blooper Nanny can only be defeated with a Starman or Fireballs.