Bounceabout Woods

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Bounceabout Woods is the second level in World 1 of Yoshi's Woolly World and its Nintendo 3DS counterpart, Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World. It is where your chosen Yoshi can transform into a flying umbrella on the way through.


The level starts out next to a Spring Tree, with two Shy Guys sitting underneath, in-between them is a hidden winged cloud which gives out some hearts. After this is a section with two Spring Trees, but in the right-hand corner is another winged cloud which creates some beads, which lead up the adjacent platform. The player then needs to jump up some more Spring Trees, before going to one that leads to the next area.

The next area has Shy Guys bouncing on the Spring Trees, as the player progresses up the level. To the left, in a tree, after progressing right through the section is a hidden winged cloud which gives out hearts, and a Spring Tree platform that needs filling in, Once the platform has been filled in, it leads to some more beads, and a yellow Spring Tree platform which gives out some beads and a Smiley Flower. After this is a section with Baron von Zeppelins and Shy Guys floating above the Spring Tree platforms. Just before a tree stump, one of the Baron von Zeppelins is in front of a winged cloud, which creates a staircase to a hidden area with lots of beads, and a Smiley Flower. At the end of the section, just before the checkpoint, if the player falls down to the tree they can find a winged cloud which creates more beads. The player then needs to go through the transformation door to progress.

Going through the door will transform Yoshi into Umbrella Yoshi, and the player will have to traverse the area, whilst avoiding Shy Guys. After this the player will be transformed back to Yoshi and will be on a wooden bridge, with another checkpoint and a jar of beads in front of them. They then need to climb the adjacent tree, by using the Spring Tree platforms. Midway through this section, is a hole in a tree with several blocks. Behind these blocks is a door that leads to an area with beads. After this the player will go on some diagonal Spring Trees, which lead to the goal ring.