Bummawashi Doll

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Bummawashi Dolls are hostile doll-like enemies that appear in Yoshi's Crafted World.


The dolls appear as tan colored dolls with button eyes, an evil smile, two hair like string on their head and multiple color patches across their body. They wield a large axe made from tin foil.


Bunmawashi Dolls prominently appear in Be Afraid of the Dark, the first level of Shadowville. The dolls often skulk around in the darkness and hide behind barriers to keep themselves hidden until a certain event triggers, causing them to let out a demonic screech and charge at Yoshi with their axe raised upon seeing him. Upon reaching Yoshi, the dolls will slam their axe down in an attempt to hurt Yoshi, who will be damaged if the axe hits him. However, if he reaches a light the dolls will drop their axe and cover their eyes while screeching in pain revealing their one weakness, light. It is impossible to kill or outrun the dolls but you can at least stun them by standing inside the light of one of they many streetlights that scatter the area.

The dolls are not afraid to work in groups to get Yoshi, and they often tend to guard certain collectibles like flowers like there’s no tomorrow, and they will often charge at Yoshi once the said item is collected.


  • The dolls are presumably based off possessed dolls from Japanese folklore, hence their name.