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Bungee Piranhas, are purple Piranha Plants that use their stem as a bungee cord. Their only appearance is in Yoshi's Island DS. Bungee Piranha Plants are very similar to Elasto-Piranhas. They hang on ceilings, waiting for their prey to come along. They then bungee down, attempting to grab their prey with their mouths. A bigger version called the Big Bungee Piranha appears as World 2's Boss in the eighth level, Big Bungee Piranha's Lair.

BungeePiranha YIDS.png

Bungee Piranhas greatly resemble and possibly influenced the Prickly Piranha Plant from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Enemies Big Bungee Piranha's Lair

Cloud Drops

Dizzy Dandies


Piranha Plants

Wall Lakitus

Wild Ptooie Piranhas

Toober Guys


Bungee Piranhas

Nipper Plants

Big Bungee Piranha (Boss)

Bungee Buds (Boss Battle Only)

Nipper Spores (Boss Battle Only)