Bunson the Hot Dog's Castle

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Bunson the Hot Dog's Castle is the second boss level of World 2 in Yoshi's Woolly World it houses the boss Bunson the Hot Dog.


The level starts with some flames, followed by a door. After a series of rising and falling platforms and some Shy Guys, the first Hot Dog appears, followed by another soon after. After yet another Hot Dog, there are rising-falling platforms and some added flames, with the second normal door soon after. This leads to the first checkpoint. What follows are more flames, along with a few more rising-falling platforms. After a while, there is a vertical climb leading to another door and the second checkpoint. After a series of rising-falling platforms and Hot Dogs, as well as many more flames, there is yet another vertical climb, followed by the boss door leading to the boss fight against Bunson the Hot Dog.


Hot Dog

Shy Guy