Burt the Bashful's Castle

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Burt the Bashful's Castle is the first boss level of World 1 in Yoshi's Woolly World.


The level begins inside the castle, with platforms and some swinging wool balls. It then opens out into a large room where two Burts come down from the ceiling. The first checkpoint is found shortly after. After this there are three jumping Burts in a long room, with beads between them. There is then an unlockable door, and large swinging balls of wool with lots of Fly Guys. At the end of this room there is some platforms and finally a door. The next room has lots of Burts jumping on top of each other. The player has to jump on top of them to get across to a platform high up. At the top of this room there is another large platform that the player can unravel by licking. A Burt then jumps down and allows the player to get through to a present box with a key. The key unlocks the door at the start of the Fly Guy room, leading to the second checkpoint in a long room with Burts and an egg block, followed by lots more swinging wool balls. At the end of this there is three swinging balls that the player must use to climb to the top of the room. Then there is the boss door leading to the boss fight against Burt the Bashful.