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A Buzzy Beetle Strolling.

Buzzy Beetles are beetle-like Koopas with hard sturdy shells that so tough, they are resistant to fireballs. They are also slightly tougher to defeat due to this. The way they move is similar to a Spiny however, unlike a Spiny, a Buzzy Beetle lacks any spikes and as a result, can be stomped on easily and kicked around in it's shell. There are also types of Buzzy Beetles that walk along ceilings and drop down at Mario and Yoshi and try to slide into them whenever they get close. Buzzy Beetles are not completely invincible however as they can be frozen with iceballs and defeated with Shells and a Starman. They also have a much tougher cousin, the Spike Top which is essentially a combination of both the Buzzy Beetle and the Spiny possessing both a fireproof shell, and a singular spike.


Super Mario World[edit]

Buzzy Beetles are seen in Super Mario World as semi-common enemies. They cannot be destroyed with fireballs but they can be stomped and then knocked aside. Buzzy Beetles can be eaten by Yoshi along with being destroyed with the effects of the Cape Feather or the Starman. Buzzy Beetles, are commonly found in caves, watch out for the Buzzy Beetles that walk on the ceilings as they will drop and try to slide into you as you get close. The Spike Top (which possesses the hard sturdy shell of a Buzzy Beetle along with a single spike) also makes it's debut in this game.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

Buzzy Beetles return in New Super Mario Bros. Wii behaving the same as they did before. They can walk on both ground and ceilings (once again watch out for the ceiling walkers as they slide). They are commonly found in caves and sewers. Defeating Buzzy Beetles is slightly easier in this game as for the first time in the series, Buzzy Beetles can now be defeated with a ground pound. A Starman can also be used to defeat a Buzzy Beetle. The effects of the Ice Flower can be used to freeze a Buzzy Beetle too. Yoshi can also swallow a Buzzy Beetle and spit out it's shell to be used to plow any enemies. A Big Buzzy Beetle was planned to appear in this game too but was removed for unknown reasons.

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

Buzzy Beetles also appear in New Super Mario Bros. U. In this game, they are once again found in caverns and can be defeated in the same ways as before (with the use of ground pounds, the Ice Flower, or the Starman). They are once again found in caverns most of the time. Buzzy Beetles can once again be swallowed by Yoshi to be used as a plowing projectile but this time, Baby Yoshi can also be used to easily destroy a Buzzy Beetle. The Big Buzzy Beetle also appears in this game after being scrapped from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


  • Along with the Paratroopa, Buzzy Beetles are the only enemies that debut in Super Mario Bros. that have yet to appear in a 3D Mario game.