Cave of the Nipper Plants

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Cave of the Nipper Plants is the third level of World 1 in Yoshi's New Island as the name implies it is underground cavern inhabited by many Nipper Plants.


The level starts in a field with a few Shy Guys, Nipper Plants and a Piranha Plant at the end is a green warp pipe entering it will to the next section.

For the majority of the next section is an underground cave with some mushroom platforms past the second warp pipe is the checkpoint ring after crossing a pit using more mushroom platforms is a green warp pipe entering will lead outside of the cave.

Finally is another field with a small gorge and a Whirly Fly Guy after making it across the gorge is the goal ring.

Smiley Flower Locations[edit]

Smiley Flower 1: Inside a winged cloud among some Baron von Zeppelins at the beginning which will appear alongside some trail of coins after hitting a winged cloud on the right.

Smiley Flower 2: Past the pipe producing Shy Guys are three winged clouds the middle one contains the Smiley Flower but is on a row of blocks Yoshi must throw an egg at it or jump off an enemy to reach it.

Smiley Flower 3: After the second Smiley Flower enter the second green warp pipe here Yoshi must navigate past some Nipper Plants and bomb dropping Baron von Zeppelins to reach a dead end throw an egg at wall so it rebounds off the wall to reveal a hidden winged cloud then hit it with an egg to reveal the Smiley Flower.

Smiley Flower 4: In the area with the four mushroom platforms over the pit step on the red mushroom to reveal the Smiley Flower then once again throw an egg at the wall so bounces off the wall and collects the Smiley Flower.

Smiley Flower 5: In a block enclosure which requires a spring ball which dropped on the ground by throwing an egg at the Baron von Zeppelins in order to reach it.


Baron von Zeppelin

Fly Guy

Nipper Plant

Piranha Plant

Shy Guy

Whirly Fly Guy