Chomp Rock 'n' Roll

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Chomp Rock 'n' Roll is the second level of World 1 in Yoshi's New Island the level introduces the Chomp Rock as well as the Mine Cart Yoshi transformation.


The level starts in a field with the first Chomp Rock that is used to defeat a few Shy Guys past the flipper gate is a section with a Mega Guy which must be eaten to make a Mega Eggdozer which can be used to break a warp pipe blocking the way to a transformation door.

The Mine Cart Yoshi section takes place in cave while navigating platforms filled with Shy Guys in order to reach the end.

After this section is the checkpoint ring and another chomp rock that can be used to plow through walls of soft rock and thorns leading to the goal ring.

Smiley Flower Locations[edit]

Smiley Flower 1: In a secret room after the start of the level which can be accessed by ground pounding the soft rock then enter the door once inside defeat all the Shy Guys to make the Smiley Flower appear.

Smiley Flower 2: At the end of the Mine Cart Yoshi section next to goal ring Yoshi must jump to collect it.

Smiley Flower 3: In a winged cloud above the Chomp Rock past the checkpoint ring.

Smiley Flower 4: In a hidden area above a crate which can accessed by jumping off the Chomp Rock before the soft wall.

Smiley Flower 5: In an underground area accessible via final warp pipe Yoshi must use the Chomp Rock to clear the thorns to gain entry to the warp pipe.


Baron von Zeppelin

Mega Guy

Shy Guy