Clawdaddy Beach

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Clawdaddy Beach is the seventh level of World 1 in Yoshi's Woolly World.


The level begins with a small beach, with some cactus-like bushes, an umbrella, and some islands and small clouds in the background. A Shy Guy sits under the umbrella. There is then a small gap with water in, which leds on to a second, smaller beach. After the small beach the level opens out into a large water area with platforms above the water. There are Shy Guys on some of the platforms, and a Clawdaddy in the water. Then there is a small sandcastle-like structure and a huge palm tree with a Winged Cloud. More platforms are soon found, with an egg block and the frame of what looks like a large metal pipe or arch. The next part features deeper water, Cheep Cheeps and lots of palm trees. There is then two large platforms with Clawdaddies on top, and a formation made out of yarn and sand, which the player must ground pound to get through. A small island is found afterwards, with an egg block and some jutting pieces of wood resembling ship masts. Many platforms follow on to a structure, another metal frame, a checkpoint, and a Whirly Gate which transforms Yoshi into Moto Yoshi. The Moto Yoshi section is simple: a large cave in which Yoshi drives through Shy Guys, Clawdaddies, under and on metal arches, and up many walls and slopes. At the very end there is a huge waterfall, with many Cheep Cheeps. After the Whirly Gate, there is another checkpoint. There is then some rocky structures, with water at the bottom. A bridge has a pipe underneath which the player must swim to reach. After these rocks, there is an umbrella, a Shy Guy and two watermelons. A huge sand structure enclosing a Clawdaddy, a Shy Guy and two winged clouds. The last part of the level consists of bridges and palm trees. The palm trees in this section have watermelons growing on them. These watermelons help a lot as the final platforms are filled with Clawdaddies. After defeating the Clawdaddies, there is a huge metal arch and then the goal ring.