Cloud N. Candy

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“Slurpity-slurp. I'm so sweet, you can't lick me! Burrrp!”
Cloud N. Candy
Cloud N. Candy
YS CloudNCandy.gif
Green Yoshi about to fight the evil Cloud N. Candy.

Cloud N. Candy is the first boss in the Nintendo 64 game Yoshi's Story. Her name as well as the character herself is a pun on "cotton candy" and "cloud". She is a colossal, bouyant, smiling cloud made of yellow candy with orange feet. She can onky be defeated by licking her, ripping off pieces of her, causing her to shrink until she is fully eaten. Cloud N. Candy attacks by jumping in midair, stomping Yoshi and as she gets smaller, she becomes more quick and agile.


  • Because of the manner Cloud N. Candy needs to get defeated, she is the only boss aside from Baby Bowser who doesn't fade away upon being defeated.