Cream Machine

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The Cream Machine is an item that Yoshi can use to "cream" his enemies. It instantly kills small enemies and kills larger enemies after "creaming" them three times.


The Cream Machine only appears in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. It appears in only two levels in World 4: "Lake Shore Paradise", and "Ride Like the Wind"


The Cream Machine can be glitched into castles by cartridge tilting or data manipulation.

If Bowser Jr. is "creamed" with the Cream Machine the game will freeze.

If any bosses besides Bowser Jr. are "creamed" the game will crash and an error screen will appear with Japanese text. When translated, the Japanese words say: "This isn't a department store, its a cornfield!" This is most likely a reference to the film "Mr. Ladybug" which released exclusively in Japan in 1974. In the film, there is a scene where Mr. Ladybug and his group of friends enter a cornfield while under the influence of mushrooms. While roaming the field, one of Mr. Ladybug's friends say: "This department store is crazy!" to which Mr. Ladybug replied: "This isn't a department store, its a cornfield!"