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Cybos are friendly/hostile robots that appear exclusively in the level Space Hub-Hubbub. They are exclusive to Yoshi's Crafted World.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Cybo's are small blue, cube like robots with a wind up key in their back, a small silver antenna, small metal hands and feet, a red light on their head black line eyes and a circular mouth.


Cybos stand around the space station and usually assist yoshi as he traverses the level but they will instantly turn hostile due to the malfunctions caused by the meteors that crash into the station every once in a while. If a malfunctioning cybo hits yoshi, he or his costume will take damage and the bots are capable of killing yoshi if they hit him enough times. The cybo's will become passive once the malfunction alarm stops ringing.


  • Cybos are the only mechanical enemies that don't start out as hostile toward the player.
  • The cybos at the end of the level will always malfunction no matter how long its been since the last meteor strike. Despite this, they will still go back to normal once the alarm stops ringing.
  • The cybo's eyes will flash red when malfunctioning and will run from the background in order to run around wildly.