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A common Dry Bones roaming around...

A Dry Bones is a skeleton version of a Koopa Troopa found in many games since their debut in Super Mario Bros. 3. They have been known for being nearly invincible. When they're stomped on, they crumple apart but victory is short lived as they reasemble seconds later. This process can be repeated many times but the result will always be the same. Dry Bones are also immune to fireballs. Despite this, Dry Bones are not indefeasible as shell attacks, as well as the use of the Cape Feather and Starman can destroy a Dry Bones. Ice Balls can also freeze a Dry Bones. The Dry Bones also have a larger relative, the Super Dry Bones which are possibly undead Gargantua Koopa Troopas.


Dry Bones are seen in Super Mario World where they wander around the corridors of Castles. In this game, there is no way to defeat a Dry Bones without either a Cape Feather of a Starman. If you stomp on a Dry Bones, it breaks apart but reasembles. They behave identically like a Red Koopa Troopa (walking back once they reach an edge), a trait that has been carried in all their appearances.

Dry Bones return in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In this game, they behave the same as they did before and are commonly found in Fortresses and Castles. They walk around, when stomped upon, they break then reasemble. If a Dry Bones' head tumbles off an edge (into a bottomless pit or lava), it will take longer for it to reassemble. This time, the use of the Ice Flower can freeze a Dry Bones. Upon being frozen, the ice block the Dry Bones is frozen in can be picked up and tossed into another enemy or shattered with a simple ground pound. The use of the Starman can also defeat a Dry Bones. This game also includes the larger varitey of Dry Bones, the Super Dry Bones.

Dry Bones also appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. In this game, they are far more aggressive. They commonly appear in Deserts, Spooky Areas, or Bowser and Bowser Jr. Galaxies. Whenever they see Mario, Yoshi, or Luigi, they chase after them. When they run into them, they give a menacing cackle. While not much of a threat alone, Dry Bones can also be found in large groups which can make them very dangerous. The only way to defeat a Dry Bones is with a Rainbow Star, alternatively, they can also be lured to fall off an edge.

Dry Bones also appear in New Super Mario Bros. U with the same behavior and role as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, their attacks, behavior, and way to be beaten are also the same. The Super Dry Bones also returns in this game.