Duplicitous Delve

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Duplicitous Delve
Duplicitous Delve.png

Duplicitous Delve is the second level of World 2 in Yoshi's Woolly World. The level features switching sides through openings.


The level begins in a short area with a door at the end with a small dip in the ground. Going through the door leads to the other side of the level, where there is a jumping Little Mouser and some sponge. Ground Pounding the sponge opens into a cave with a wire fence and an egg block. Through a door is a pipe where Little Mousers come out of. Ground pound on more sponge and a similar area will be next. Through yet another door the cave changes from blue to red, and there is a long area of sponge. Go through it and there will be an area with some flippers and a Spring Ball. The player must go through the left door to progress through the level. Once through, jump up into a small area with platforms that lead to the checkpoint and a whirly gate with a Yoshi transformation: Mole Yoshi. In the transformation area, there are Tap-Taps, lots of beads and rocks that can be dug through. After the transformation, there is a large stone area with moving blocks. Go up through this area until there is two red blocks. Jumping on them reveals two hidden platforms. Filling them in leads to a large Spring Ball which goes out of the cave. On the surface there are lots of Little Mousers that follow you to the end of the stage.