Fanciful Fluff and Feathers

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Fanciful Fluff and Feathers is the seventh level of World 3 in Yoshi's Woolly World.


The level starts with many cloud platforms, with several Goonies. Afterwards, rainbow platforms appear. Many Baron von Zeppelins appear, followed by two groups of Flightless Goonies. More cloud platforms appear, as well as more Goonies, now with some carrying Shy Guys. Many more rainbow platforms follow, this time with Fly Guys. The first checkpoint follows, along with more clouds and more Goonies. Afterwards, a Whirly Gate appears, transforming Yoshi into Sky Pop Yoshi. After that segment, the second checkpoint appears. Many hidden winged clouds appear, one of them unveiling a spring ball. Taking the spring ball leads Yoshi to more rainbow platforms. Afterwards, another group of Flightless Goonies appears, following with even more rainbow platforms and more Goonies, leading directly to the goal ring.