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The Favorite fruit is a term used to describe which fruit tastes better to different types of Yoshi. The concept plays a major role in Yoshi's Story, which revolves around eating fruit to advance through the game. Each color of Yoshi has a different Favorite Fruit, or a fruit that tastes better for them and makes them happier. If a Yoshi eats their Favorite Fruit, they will be awarded three hearts as opposed to just one ♥ for fruits that are not their favorite. Likewise, a Favorite Fruit will recover three petals on the Yoshi's Smile Meter as opposed to one. However, the Lucky Fruit, which is chosen at random before each playthrough, tastes even better than the Yoshi's Favorite Fruit, awarding the dinosaur eight ♥s and completely recovering their Smile Meter. Additionally, while each color of Yoshi has a unique Favorite Fruit, the Favorite Fruit of all Yoshis is the Melon. The Melon awards three ♥s and three petals regardless of the Yoshi's color, and each Melon awards a bonus 100 ♥s apiece after a stage is completed.

The Favorite Fruit of a Yoshi tends to match their color. For example, Yellow Yoshis like bananas, which are typically yellow in color. The only exceptions are the Black Yoshis and the White Yoshis. These two types of Yoshi enjoy all fruits equally, meaning every fruit is their Favorite Fruit. As such, Black Yoshis and White Yoshis have an advantage compared to other Yoshis, as they earn three ♥s and three petals for any fruit they eat, while other colors of Yoshi only receive these bonuses from one type of fruit, plus the Melon.