Feel Fuzzy, Get Clingy

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Feel Fuzzy, Get Clingy is the sixth level of World 6 in Yoshi's Woolly World as the name implies the main gimmick of the level involves sticking on to velcro conveyor belts.


The level begins with a few velcro conveyor belts along with the first two Snifits after that short vertical segment is a spring ball that must be jumped on in order to reach another velcro conveyor belt found on the ceiling which must be traversed while dodging spikes and Burrberts this will then continue into an upward vertical segment until reaching a door above a purple warp pipe that spawns Burrberts.

The second part of the level has the first checkpoint and a faster moving velcro conveyor belt along with two purple warp pipes that spawn Fly Guys after this is another upward vertical section with two conveyors belts on both sides and falling platforms followed by another door.

The third part of the level has blue platforms that slide in and out of the wall directly after are more conveyor belts with spike covered blue platforms after dropping through some donut lift platforms is a red edible wall that must be eaten to proceed. Past this is a vertical section with velcro conveyor belts, moving spiked covered walls and a warp pipe spawning Fly Guys after eating two red edible ceilings at the very top is the final door leading to the last portion of the level.

The final part of the level takes place outside with the last few fast moving conveyor belts before the goal ring.



Fly Guy