Flaming Chomp

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A Flaming Chomp

A Flaming Chomp is an enemy in the Yoshi series, debuting in Yoshi's New Island and are fiery Incoming Chomps.

Yoshi series[edit]

Yoshi's New Island[edit]

Flaming Chomps first appear in Yoshi's New Island, mainly found in volcano themed levels, however they also appear in levels such Seesaw Scramble, Chomp Shark Chase and Chomp Rock Challenge they fly out of the volcano in the background and falling down at high speed while surrounded by flames they are immune to all attacks except turning into Stars after passing through a Checkpoint Ring the spot they land on is indicated by a harmless wall of flame they never land on solid ground, but can only destroy breakable blocks. If Yoshi touches one he will catch fire, die and lose a life.


  • Despite technically being stronger than an Incoming Chomp, Flaming Chomps only destroy breakable grounds. They're never seen destroying solid grounds.