Fluffy Snow, Here We Go!

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Fluffy Snow, Here We Go! is the first level of World 5 found in Yoshi's Woolly World it is a snowy area that introduces the Fire Melon in this level.


The level begins in an outdoor area with a snowball which must be pushed in order to break through some ice blocks after this segment is an area with a red warp pipe that constantly spawns a Flooff after melting the ice is the first checkpoint and a green warp pipe.

Upon entering the green warp pipe is an underground ice cavern with numerous ice blocks which must be melted with either a Flooff or a fire watermelon shortly after this is a segment with Flooffs falling from red warp pipes which again must be used to melt more ice blocks until reaching the second checkpoint.

After entering a green warp pipe is giant snowball chase section while avoiding some enemies, spikes and ice blocks until reaching a large gorge where the snowball will get stuck Yoshi must then jump on top of the snowball where the goal ring awaits.