Flying Carpet Cruise

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Flying Carpet Cruise is the third level of World 5 found in Yoshi's Woolly World the level takes place in a sky and the main gimmick revolves around flying carpets.


The level begins on a platform with a yellow carpet which moves either left or right depending on the direction Yoshi is facing it can also ascend or descend when Yoshi jumps or crouches after passing through this segment filled with Fly Guys, Piranha Plants and Snoots Yoshi will come across a path leading to the next area.

The second area has the first checkpoint and a carpet which must be filled in and a Fluffy Phantom will blow the carpet down enabling Yoshi to use it shortly after is bridge with Hook Guys constantly being blown upwards on small yellow carpets after dodging more Fluffy Phantoms is the next path leading to the next segment.

The final segment has the second checkpoint and a purple carpet that behaves just like the yellow ones towards the end of this segment are conveyor belts that drop Piranha Plants at the end of this area is a large platform where the goal ring resides.


Baron von Zeppelin

Fluffy Phantom

Fly Guy

Hook Guy

Nipper Plant

Piranha Plant

Shy Guy