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We don't need to learn aobut Yoshi on this wiki. We can learn him on NIWA's Super Mario Wiki. It has better infromation and a bunch of more types of articals.

Well, that's your opinion. Since this is a wiki, on Wikia, we're running this wiki as a community of users who like the Yoshi series. Just as you say we don't need to learn about Yoshi on this wiki, you also don't need to learn about Yoshi on the NIWA Mario Wiki, either. Whatever source you use for information on Yoshi is entirely up to you.  Now, if you're telling us that the NIWA Mario Wiki is a better place to learn about Yoshi, why are you bothering with us?

€ħɨþ-Ŧɦé-ΣǭuƖɲØж 05:19, March 18, 2013 (UTC)