Frozen Solid and Chilled

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Frozen Solid and Chilled is the second level of World 5 in Yoshi's Woolly World, the level also introduces the Ice Melon.


The level begins in a small area with a bridge containing the first ice watermelon and a lone Spray Fish shortly after this is an area with a green warp pipe that spawns Shy Guys after this is another bridge guarded by a Nep-Enut which leads to the next area containing the first checkpoint.

In the next area after the first checkpoint is a segment with ice platforms over water and a few Ice Snifits until reaching some purple blocks that must be ground pounded to progress then reaching a gorge which requires the Spray Fish's water stream to cross it after this is a whale sculpture hitting a hidden winged cloud will make the whale sprout water leading to an optional transformation door.

Past the first whale sculpture is the second checkpoint and second ice watermelon which is followed more Spray Fish and Piranha Plants until reaching a yellow paddle wheel after this segment is an area with three Spray Fish and the goal ring.