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A Gabon is a small enemy from Yoshi's Story. Gabon is also the Japanese name of Spike, an enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3, thus it is probably a Spike mistranslated in English.

Gabons appear in the level Jungle Hut on Page 4. They regurgitate spiked balls and roll them down hills. The Yoshis may eat them, but the Green Yoshi likes them best.

According to the text seen after beating the level, the Baby Yoshis apparently met one specific Gabon named "Gaboon" while entering his hut. All that is known about the encounter is that the angered Gabon throws various objects at the Baby Yoshis.


  • Gabons only appear in Yoshi Story but Spikes are in many future games.
  • These enemies share the same name as the African country Gabon.