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The Gator Train is a major enemy and the 2nd 3rd or 4th main boss encountered in Yoshi's Crafted World. It guards the pink dream gem and will defend it no matter what.


The Gator Train takes the form of a steam locomotive with a pink gator-like head, a bowser favored boiler, two searchlight like eyes and four carts with shy guy weapon boxes on them.


When kamek uses his magic on the train Baby bowser was sitting on he fuses it with a nearby gator as well as multiple cardboard flaps to create the boxes on the carts. Including the boiler and the two spotlight eyes.

World map diorama[edit]

The gator head opens and lunges forward before stopping with its mouth emitting a bright light. After the train is defeated the diorama train will spin around before its mouth falls shut and it retreats in defeat.

Boss fight[edit]

The gator train never attacks personally, instead relying on its team of shy guys to bring out its weaponry stored in the four boxes in its carts. The shy guys will either throw spike balls, jump in carts allowing yoshi to eat them, summons flying barriers to push yoshi off his train or fire colored pencil missiles from flying boxes. Once yoshi dodges all of its attacks the train itself will attempt to chow down on yoshi, which in turn exposes the weak point on its boiler which yoshi can hit with an egg to damage the train but it will try to fake it out in later phases. After being hit the train will try to knock yoshi onto the tracks by toppling the carts, this is easily avoided by jumping to the nearby carts and then flutter jumping to the next train once the final one goes down. After three hits the gator head will fly off the train and the engine will be destroyed off screen with the gator head barfing up the purple dream stone shortly afterward.


The gator train, like with most of the other main bosses can be found in costume form as the legendary costume for the rumble jungle prize machine.

The gator heads color is inconsistent as its pink during the fight but black on the world map

This may suggest the gator train was supposed to black originally but was changed to pink