Ground Pound Rebound

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Ground-Pound Rebound is the seventh level of World 1 in Yoshi's New Island in this level the main gimmick are pillars and stakes whose height can be lowered when Yoshi ground pounds on them.


The first area has some red pillars that can be ground pounded along with some Eggo-Dils and Stilt Guys that litter the area after this is an upward green warp pipe that can be entered.

The second area has a message block which tells Yoshi about the Yoshi Star and how it enables him to run on walls and ceilings after this a Red Yoshi Star which is used to traverse over poisoned water then Yoshi must enter another upward green warp pipe to continue in the next section.

The final area has a few more Eggo-Dils and Stilt Guys along with warp pipes that produce the smoke which can be used as temporary platforms before they disappear once it reaches a certain height after making it past this section is the goal ring.

Smiley Flower Locations[edit]

Smiley Flower 1: After going past the first Eggo-Dil enter the third pipe leading to a small area here push the Stilt Guy down the platform to reach the Smiley Flower.

Smiley Flower 2: Pound the two tall red pillars to remove them then grab the Smiley Flower that is being guarded by an Eggo-Dil.

Smiley Flower 3: Between two walls in the Yoshi Star section Yoshi must jump off the ceiling while under the effects of the Yoshi Star to grab it.

Smiley Flower 4: After the checkpoint ring ground pound on the soft rock to enter a hidden area where the Smiley Flower is found.

Smiley Flower 5: Under a platform past several pipes, Stilt Guys and Eggo-Dils Yoshi must then fall into a gap before the pipe then follow the coin trail to obtain it.



Piranha Plant

Stilt Guy