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A Hammer Bro running excitedly...

Hammer Bros. are Koopa Soldiers who are armed with Hammers. These wily twin brother turtles will come at you throwing hammers, they tend to hop around a lot and attack from a range. Hammer Bros. can toss their hammers from any distance and jump onto platforms to increase their range or dodge attacks. Despite their armor, any attack can defeat a Hammer Bro. Yoshi can swallow one of their hammers and spit it back out at them.

There's many different types of Hammer Bros. including the Boomerang Bros., Ice Bros., Fire Bros., Sledge Bros. and Sumo Bros..


Hammer Bros. appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In this game, they appear in several levels tossing hammers at Mario and Yoshi. They can sometimes jump on higher platforms to increase their range. Hammer Bros. can be defeated with stomps, fireballs, or by hitting a block they're standing on from underneath. Additionally, Yoshi can defeat them by swallowing one of their hammers and spitting it back at them. Ice balls can also freeze a Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bros. return in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are slightly larger in this game than in previous appearances. They are commonly found in the Bowser and Bowser Jr. Galaxies (alongside the Boomerang Bros.) but also make appearances in other Galaxies. Their attack sequence consists of them tossing a couple Hammers and then hopping to another area. Stomping or Spinning a Hammer Bro will knock it over leaving it open for the finishing attack. In this game, if Yoshi tries to eat a Hammer, he will end up destroying the Hammer instead. Additionally, trying to eat a Hammer Bro. will stun it.

Hammer Bros. also appear in New Super Mario Bros. U, they are more common in this game. They tend to toss more Hammers than before but despite this, their behavior and ways to be defeated are the same as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.