Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts

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Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts is a level in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and the first scrolling level in the game. The stage, as the level name implies, contains Donut Lifts.


The level starts off on solid ground, where Purple Yoshi can hit a Hint Block to get some advice. Once the level takes to the skies, Yoshi jumps from one purple spinning wheel of platforms to another, collecting Red Coins and a Special Flower as he goes. Next comes a green spinning platform and two more Red Coins; then a wheel that only moves with Yoshi's weight is introduced. Yoshi jumps up to the platform above it to keep the wheel moving along a track, collecting more Red Coins and at the very end, another Flower. Hopping off the wheel, Yoshi encounters a Shy Guy and a Crazy Dayzee, which can be eaten to produce eggs that can then be thrown at the following star-filled ? Cloud. Now the level will start moving up and Yoshi must jump from platform to platform to reach the third flower and the Middle Ring. After another Red Coin-filled ride on a Moving Wheel (again, with a Flower at the end), Yoshi continues his climb. He eventually spotts a Fly Guy holding a ? Cloud, which he can eat or hit with an egg, releasing the stars inside the cloud. Farther up are some more edible enemies and another star-filled ? Cloud. After that, Yoshi finds himself in a Donut Bridge; nearby, the last Special Flower is trapped in some dirt and can be retrieved by throwing an egg. Yoshi then runs across the bridge, attempting to ride the falling donuts long enough to collect the many coins floating beneath the walkway. The bridge leads to the ending and Yoshi and Baby Mario rest on solid ground once again.