Ice Bro.

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A Frosty Ice Bro.

Ice Bros. are a different unit of the Hammer Bro. that have the power of ice. The Ice Bros. prefer to give their foes the cold shoulder by tossing iceballs at them. These iceballs can freeze anyone who is hit leaving them open to other attacks. Ice Bros. can be defeated in any way, they can even be frozen with iceballs.


Ice Bros. make their debut in New Super Mario Bros. Wii where they are commonly seen in World 3. They attack by tossing iceballs and hopping around. Being hit by an iceball will not only power you down but also freeze you leaving you incredibly vulnerable to other attacks so avoid this. The Ice Bro. can be defeated with stomps, fireballs, or Shells. They can also be frozen with iceballs as well.

Ice Bros. return in New Super Mario Bros. U with the same behavior and methods as the previous game, once again, any attack can defeat them however this time, they are more common and are even found on Airships, the Sky, and in more locations.