Kamek's Last-Ditch Fly-By

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Kamek's Last-Ditch Fly-By is the seventh level of World 6 in Yoshi's Woolly World it also serves as the penultimate level before the final level of the game.


At the start of the level are platforms that flip into the background before coming back into the foreground after this is a yellow paddle platform that must be used to cross a large bottomless pit while at the same time dodging Skeleton Goonies and Kamek who can be seen flying into background before coming in on the background he can be temporary knocked out by attacking him. After this are flipping platforms and the first checkpoint.

In the second section is another large bottomless pit, more flipping platforms along with Kamek and an optional transformation door which can be revealed by hitting a hidden winged cloud.

First half of the upward vertical segment once again features Kamek numerous yellow paddle platforms along with a flock of Skeleton Goonies.

Like the second section of level the last part of level requires the aid of the yellow paddle platform in order to cross the final large bottomless pit after this is a straight walkway where the goal ring awaits.


Skeleton Goonie