King Bowser's Castle

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King Bowser's Castle is the final level for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and it's Gameboy Advance Version.


In the beginning, there's a Helicopter morphing bubble. After morphing to a Helicopter, Kamek finds Yoshi to attack him. Only Skeleton Goonies are the enemies. Also spitting out is the Flightless Skeleton Goonie that is also an enemy for this place.


There're four doors to a room. There're even an eggplant. Hitting one could get you in there.

Room 1[edit]

This room had a Winged Cloud which gives you a 1-up.

Room 2[edit]

Room 2 is a place with many kinds of Shy Guys. There is also Salvo the Slime as the boss of the room.

Room 3[edit]

Room 3 had Tap-Tap the Golden as the boss of the room. You cannot defeat him. There's a Eggplant in the beginning. There're Fangs that they're the only enemies in this room.

Room 4[edit]

Room 4 is the easiest room. It has many coins, and also it only have Gusties and Two Fly Guys that are holding a 1-up are the only enemy in the game. It's similar to Tap-Tap the Red Nose's Fort.

Baby Bowser's Room[edit]

In the beginning, Kamek came back. Kamek could change the blocks to a Shy Guy, Fang, Milde, and a Star which is helpful.