Lair of the Smooch Spiders

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Lair of the Smooch Spiders is the first level of World 6 in Yoshi's Woolly World as the name implies Smooch Spiders are the more prominent enemy in this level.


At the very beginning of the level is a small vertical area with spiderwebs that can be climbed on shortly after are more spider webs that must be climbed on to traverse a large bottomless pit not long after is another vertical segment this time with spiderwebs being constantly moved by Smooch Spiders at the very top is a small walkway followed by more spiderwebs over a pit of spikes.

The second section contains the first checkpoint along with many spring tree platforms over another bottomless pit after this are more spiderwebs being swung in a pendulum manner by more Smooch Spiders in the final vertical segment.

Last section of the level takes place outside the lair where Yoshi must travel on the last few swinging spiderwebs over a bottomless chasm the goal ring is found at the end.


Li'l Smooch Spider

Shy Guy

Smooch Spider