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Lava Plume

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Yoshi fluttering past several Lava Plumes.

Lava Plumes (also called Lava Eruptions, Lava Pillars, or Lava Geysers) are eruptions of lava that occur periodically from lava pits. They commonly gush from the bubbling lava below and must be avoided at all costs. If Mario or Yoshi touch a Lava Plume, they will take damage, Lava Plumes cannot be destroyed and the gushing vents can only either be jumped over, or the heroes have to wait for the eruption to die down.


New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Lava Plumes are seen all around World 8 in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. In this game, they erupt from the lava periodically requiring the heroes to wait for the eruptions to die down. They are seen in World 8-1, World 8-5, World 8-7, and World 9-6. In World 8-7, the Lava Plumes must be jumped as the heroes rides on the Bonecoaster.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Lava Plumes are seen again in Super Mario Galaxy 2, in this game, they erupt from the lava in various Galaxies such as the Freezy Flake Galaxy, the Shiverburn Galaxy, and Bowser's Galaxy Generator. If touched, they will scorch Mario just as lava would, Yoshi will turn back into an egg upon contact with these scorching hazards.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Lava Plumes return in New Super Mario Bros. U this time, only appearing in one level, Meteor Moat. The eruptions don't last as long in this game however.

Yoshi's Woolly World

Lava Plumes are seen once again in Yoshi's Woolly World this time as a hazard in the level Skeleton Goonies' Lava Lair, they commonly erupt from the lava as Yoshi flutters across the lava sea hopping on the Skeleton Goonies, touching a Lava Plume will result in Yoshi being scorched so watch out!