Little Eggs, Big Eggs

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Little Eggs, Big Eggs is the first level of World 1 in Yoshi's New Island as the name implies the game introduces a new game mechanic Mega Eggdozers.


The level opens up in a warp pipe filled field with a few enemies such as Crazee Dayzee,Piranha Plant and Shy Guy at the end of this section is a winged cloud that must be hit to unveil a staircase leading to a checkpoint ring past this are a series of warp pipes that can be destroyed using a Mega Eggdozer continue straight on the path is the goal ring is found at the end.

Smiley Flower Locations[edit]

Smiley Flower 1: At the start of the level past the first Message Block above the Crazee Dayzee and Shy Guy.

Smiley Flower 2: In an underground room by entering a warp pipe with two coins above it.

Smiley Flower 3: Between two warp pipes next to the Piranha Plant.

Smiley Flower 4: Enter an upward warp pipe past the checkpoint ring then break the rock block on the right using an egg then hit the winged cloud on the right to reveal the Smiley Flower.

Smiley Flower 5: Towards the end of the level are semisolid platforms that must be destroyed using a Mega Eggdozer after going past the area with the warp pipes.


Crazee Dayzee

Piranha Plant

Shy Guy