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Make Eggs, Throw Eggs

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<header>Music</header> </group> </infobox> Make Eggs, Throw Eggs is the first stage Yoshi must pass in the events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and its remake, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. Since it is the first level of the game, it serves pretty much as a tutorial of Yoshi's abilities and gameplay in general, in which the players learn how to play the game. For this reason, the level is considerably easy and short, even for average gamers and beginners. Before this stage, Yoshi has to pass a very short level in which the game teaches the player the basics about Baby Mario; to always keep him on Yoshi's back, and to grab him by touching him if anything happens, like touching an enemy. Ba-dum BUM!, the first level in Yoshi's Island DS is a remake of this level.


As the level starts, Yoshi finds himself in a field. There is a Hint Block, telling players how to make eggs (lick it up and then press down). Two Shy Guys and a Crazee Dayzee are walking a few steps forward, along with a platform with another one. Upon advancing a bit more, the players encounter their first Flower. Just next to it is a Piranha Plant, which Yoshi must jump and dodge. There is a Winged Cloud not far away from it. The players must hit it with an egg, making some small platforms appear. After the players climb up, they can collect several coins, as well as another Special Flower and some stars. Once the players are back down, they find two Piranha Plants blocking a pipe. The players must hit them both or just one of them (preferably the lower one) and enter the pipe. Yoshi sinks down into a cave. In this underground area, Yoshi has to use a Chomp Rock and collect the coins all over the place. After going forward for a while (and collecting another Special Flower), Yoshi stumbles upon a Winged Cloud. He must hit it for a beanstalk to appear. The players now use it to climb and continue. After climbing it, the players may go left to encounter a Special Flower. After that, the players may jump down and fall on the ledge of the platform below for a new, hidden Winged Cloud to appear, which uncovers the last stars needed for the level. After that, the players must climb the beanstalk again and continue right (collecting the last red coins) and to the finish.



  • This is the only non-secret level without a middle ring. In Yoshi's Island DS, though, there is one.