Marching Milde's Fort

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Marching Milde's Fort.png

Marching Milde's Fort is the fourth level of World 4 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3.


The beginning of this stage takes place in a grassed area outside of the fort. It has Incoming Chomps and Shark Chomps swarming around.

When Yellow Yoshi enters the fort, he will find four doors to choose from. The middle section has a locked door, followed by another locked door, followed by a third one and fourth one. So he has to find four keys before he can continue. The first door contains plenty of lava and Hot Lips. Yoshi must navigate an area filled to the brim with lava, and receives a key at the end of the area. The second area is a room filled with Bandits, Snifits, Bullet Billsand a lone Coin Bandit. If Yoshi can navigate this room without getting Baby Mario stolen, he will receive a key. The third area has lots of Thorns and Grunts, as well as a few Snifits. It also has blue spinning wheels. Yoshi gets a key at the end of the area. The fourth area has every plant-based enemy in the game guarding the last key. If Yoshi can defeat them all, he will receive the last key.

Using the four keys, Yoshi can open the locked door in the center hub area, and the three locked doors that follow it. The first room is filled with Mildes. The second one is filled with other enemies in the floor and ceiling. The third one is filled with lava and some red coins along with a tilting platform as a bridge. The last room features more Mildes. It also has the entrance to Marching Milde's chamber where Yoshi must battle and defeat her.