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This page is non-canon, meaning that it might not be related to the Yoshi universe.
This page could be different from the Yoshi universe, but includes Yoshi characters in it.

Mario Tennis Open is the latest installment of the Mario Tennis series. It had two major differences from the previous installments: Nintendo removed Power Shots, and there are no trophy celebrations. Yoshi appears in the game as a default player, and his differently colored variants can be unlocked using QR codes. There is also a Yoshi costume, wearable by Miis, that can be unlocked using a QR code.

Unlockable Yoshis[edit]

  • Blue Yoshi - Speed
  • Red Yoshi - Technique
  • White Yoshi - Tricky
  • Black Yoshi - All Around
  • Yellow Yoshi - Power
  • Pink Yoshi - Technique
  • Cyan Yoshi - Speed


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