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Super Dry Bones

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Size comparison of a Super Dry Bones with a basic Dry Bones

Super Dry Bones is a larger version of the Dry Bones (the skeletal-Koopa Troopas). However, the Super Dry Bones are far more tougher and durable. When stomped on, they can either shake their heads or rattle their teeth. This can be used to reach higher ledges and reach secrets that were otherwise too high, ground pounding a Super Dry Bones will cause it to crumple apart like a normal Dry Bones. The only way to destroy a Super Dry Bones is with a Starman, the Ice Flower can be used but the Super Dry Bones breaks free within a second as it's too large.


New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Super Dry Bones are seen in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where they are found in various Castles. They behave identically to a standard Dry Bones. When stomped on, they rattle their teeth, this can be used to reach higher ledges. Ground Pounding a Super Dry Bones will cause it to crumple apart temporarily. There is no way to destroy a Super Dry Bones without a Starman.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Super Dry Bones return in New Super Mario Bros. U, with the same role as the previous game. Their attacks, behavior and way to be beaten are also the same. They are found in the Fortresses and Castles of the game. It is also shown that they can walk in lava without a problem.


  • Due to the Dry Bones being a skeleton Koopa Troopa, it is possible that the Super Dry Bones is an undead Gargantua Koopa Troopa.