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Naval Piranha's Sewer

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Naval Piranha's Sewer is the eighth level found in World 4 in Yoshi's Woolly World it houses the boss fight against Naval Piranha.


The level starts out outside with a single Nipper Plant and a green warp pipe entering it will inside the sewer with Piranha Plants, Wild Ptooie Piranhas and water flowing from various blue warp pipes until reaching a edible blue warp pipe that must be eaten to progress shortly after this is a large waterfall leading to the first checkpoint.

the second section is a large segment with Spinners and Stalking Piranha Plants the third section is a vertical segment with a spring ball, Wild Ptooie Piranhas and Bomb Guys which is followed by the second checkpoint after taking a green warp pipe.

The last area is a labyrinth of different colored warp pipes at the end is this maze is a giant spring ball which takes Yoshi to the boss door which leads to the boss fight against Naval Piranha.