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Blue Neuron Sprite - Yoshi's Story.png
Species Unknown
Affiliation(s) Yoshis

Neuron is a species of unknown origin with some sort of whiskers on their head. They are an ally in the Yoshi series.


Yoshi's Story[edit]

Neuron first appears in Yoshi's Story in the level Neuron Jungle, also their only appearance in-game.

In this game, there are four different types of Neurons in the same level. First is the red one with black spots; this one is immobile and falls down when Ground Pounded on. Second is the light blue one with blue spots; this one stays immobile, but curves another direction once pounced on. The third one is a yellow one with magenta spots; they go straight up and down. The fourth one is pink with purple spots; this one is found in the air, but curves left to right the entire time.

In terms of abilities, Neurons can be pounced on for Yoshi to reach hard-to-reach areas and to help him make it through Neuron Jungle. In some ways, Neurons can be considered enemies as they can block off some areas, preventing Yoshi to access the area in specific. They say "Yobe!" or "Yobelum!" when jumped on.




  • Neuron is another saying of nerve cells which transfers electrical signals to the brain. Despite this, these Neurons have nothing in relation to them.