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Nintendo is a video game company. It created the Yoshi character and series as well as many others.


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Nintendo was founded in late 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. It was founded as "Nintendo Playing Cards" and the company was a playing card manufacturer. In the 1960s, Nintendo Playing Cards was renamed "Nintendo". Later, due to a drop of sales, Nintendo changed to a taxi company, then a food company, and even tried to sell vacuum cleaners. The only thing the company had success with was in the toy industry, and eventually saw potential in the emerging video game industry.

Nintendo eventually made the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was Nintendo's biggest success in the video game industry yet, and turned them into the video game industry giant known today. The company still produces games.


  • Nintendo is the oldest video game company.
  • Nintendo's Game Boy was the first video game console to be played in space.
  • Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners.